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“I wanted to thank you for the great work. Replacing a roof is never an easy decision for a homeowner, but getting a free inspection and an estimate made everything very simple. The crew was fast and very efficient. They also did a great job of hauling away the old roof. Thanks again for a great experience.”
Mary C • Residential Homeowner • The Woodlands, TX

“We have been customers of Classic Roofing for a few years now. One of our homes needed a new roof, and Classic had the most competitive price and got the job. They discovered that the original builder roof was shoddy beyond belief. Small sections of the wooden underlayment had just been left unfinished. Some of the holes were over a foot square. The builder’s roofers just laid shingles over the holes. The skylights were also poorly installed. Classic’s crew dealt with all this in a very professional manner.

This year we had 2 “emergencies” that needed immediate attention. We were selling another home, and twice before closing we had to call Classic to fix loose shingles. The second time was the morning of the closing! Classic had no one nearby, but managed to get someone to come over to deal with the problem. We got Classic’s invoice right away so we could present evidence of the repairs to the buyers hours later and close on schedule. A great big thanks to Classic for being there when we needed you.”
PW • Residential Homeowner • The Woodlands, TX

"I’ve lived in Woodlands for over 21 years and dealt with many contractors. Without a doubt Danny at Classic Roofing is the BEST! Not only did he complete the work at my house earlier than expected, he suggested a different style vent that was less expensive, and he has saved us money on our electric bill. I highly recommend Classic Roofing if you want the job done right!"
Jack Weaverling • Schrieve Chemical Company • The Woodlands, TX

"We are a small private school that was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Ike. As a result of a tree falling on our building, we were in desperate need of a new roof. After calling several roofers who didn’t seem to understand we were a school and needed our work to be done on the weekend when school was not in session, we fortuitously found an ad for Classic Roofing. Everyone there was so helpful and understanding. They came out over the weekend, installed a gorgeous roof, cleaned up all the debris and nails so the children would be safe, and on Monday morning we were ready to go. They are an outstanding company and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for a new roof."
Dr. Franci Roberts • The Rubicon Academy • The Woodlands, TX

Spring, TX 77380 | (281) 292-7667